Makeup pouch, gadget pouch, canvas bag, pouch, star child, Space Girls Rock it Art Collectible bag by Ilona Cutts


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made with love, canvas bag, metal zipper


♥Space Girls Art Collectible pouch/bag.

♥This is an ART COLLECTIBLE, Limited Edition of 12. Once the Edition number has been reached, no more bags of this image will be made.

♥ART COLLECTIBLES are small works of art that are wearable. They are meant to be small works of wearable art that tell a story. You can carry them with you anywhere you go and you will shine!

This image is from my painting called “Star Child”.

♥Whether you like carrying your makeup, scissors, rulers, camera gear or any other gadgets, this is your perfect pouch for that and more! Denim lined with an inner pocket, this bag features a vibrant colorfast print of the “Flower Nymph” on durable poly canvas.

♥Item description:
Pouch length: 10″ (25.4cm)
Indigo denim lined
metal zipper
Poly canvas