The Unhappy Rabbits Postcard Collection by Ilona Cutts



Item Description:
Mini portfolio Collection featuring 10 large Postcards from The Unhappy Rabbits Collection. Each picture is a miniature version of the Original Oil on Canvas Painting.
Professionally printed onto heavy stock paper with a die cut edge. Each individual postcard measures 7″ x 5″ inches. (13cm x 18cm)

Images included are:
1. Eve and the Red Bunny
2. The Forest Spirits
3. The Celebration
4. I’m Sorry
5. Conscious Mind
6. The Sinners
7. Adam and the Black Bunny
8. Tangled
9. Midnight Bourdoir
10. Footprints

Packed with love in a box with a heart shaped cut on the front, showing the first postcard inside the box. There is a small intro writing about the theme on the back of the box.